Who is isabella rossellini dating

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Who is isabella rossellini dating

Rossellini wrote, performed in and directed the films, which went on to win a Webby award (honouring excellence on the internet).

She then adapted them into a funny 75-minute monologue that she now delivers around the world. “I am interested in animals, not just their sexual behaviour,” says Rossellini. To do a show about animals’ digestive systems, I am not going to have any audience.

They divorced their respective spouses, married in 1950 and went on to make six more films together and have two more children, Isabella and her non-identical twin Isotta (known as Ingrid).

But the marriage was rocky, and the couple separated when the girls were five.

Incongruous as it may seem, Rossellini asserts that her change of direction is not entirely unexpected among those who know her.

“I really don’t work anymore as an actress,” she tells me, with a merry shrug of resignation.

“I am old, and there are no roles for older people.

“In fact, Niv called me two days ago,” she continues.

“I am going to do another film of his [Closet Monster], and it’s an even smaller role.” She pauses for a moment and looks mischievous.

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Bergman was married to the neurosurgeon Petter Lindstrom, with whom she had a daughter, Pia, but after seeing Rossellini’s film Rome, Open City she wrote to him, saying, “If you need a Swedish actress who speaks English very well, and who, in Italian, knows only Ti amo [‘I love you’], I am ready to come and make a film with you.” Rossellini – who was married to and had two children with the Italian actress Marcella de Marchis – responded by giving her the lead in Stromboli.

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