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Whitney and bobby start dating

Strict but fair with his colleagues, his "follow the book" approach, perhaps due to his military background, has sometimes put him in conflict with those working under him, as shown in instances where he was forced to take disciplinary actions against Danny, Sheldon, Stella and Adam for going against protocol, but also trusts his team and has repeatedly defended them from unfair criticism by the bureaucracy.

Mac is portrayed as a workaholic and is frequently seen working late into the night, after all the staff and his team have gone home.

Louie is later beaten up as retribution and Mac is the first person Danny confides in.

Danny, however, is the last to find out about the romance between Mac and Peyton (episode 3.16, "Heart of Glass").

Mac once described Claire as 5'6", athletic, with light brown hair and big blue eyes.

Claire was killed in the September 11 attacks and her death troubles and pains him to this day, causing chronic insomnia.

Details of Mac's military service are sketchy as he has rarely discussed his past to his colleagues but it has been implied that Mac had a distinguished and decorated career as a Marine.

Portrayed by Gary Sinise, Mac is the Director of the NYPD Crime Lab and the Supervisor of the NYPD CSI team. In a taped interview, an elderly Holocaust survivor recounts how Mac's father, then a young Private, restored his dignity and even offered him a candy bar.Only once does he state otherwise, when he and Lindsay Monroe are called to a corpse sitting on a Central Park bench, whose death at first seems inexplicable to Lindsay.Mac proceeds to show his cause of death by saying, "Don't quote me on this, Lindsay, but sometimes...[lifts the man's severed head] not everything's connected." While Mac typically displays a somber and serious demeanor, he does have a lighter side; he teases Sheldon Hawkes in episode 2.02 "Grand Murder at Central Station," by telling the young CSI, who is taking a quick lunch break, that "eating is frowned upon," and when Hawkes asks to borrow a little girl's teddy bear(Franklin) because he may have evidence on him, Mac jokes "So did Franklin tell you anything, or did he lawyer up? Later in Season 2, Lindsay Monroe discovers that he plays bass guitar in a jazz club when he is off-duty. In dealing with the younger members of his team, Mac is strict and does not hesitate to suspend them if they are found to be in a conflict of interest or becoming too emotionally attached to a case, such as when Aiden Burn was pursuing the DJ Pratt rape case and when Hawkes did not report a personal conflict of interest when his ex-girlfriend was a subject in one of Mac's investigations.Towards the end of the 6th season Mac commences a relationship with ER Doctor and Air Force Reservist Aubrey Hunter played by Mädchen Amick, who when visiting the NYPD crime lab was impressed when she found out that Mac had served in the US Marine Corps. Mac had a close friendship with fellow detective Stella Bonasera and was suitably concerned when she was held hostage in her own apartment by her deranged boyfriend, Frankie Mala, in 2.21 "All Access" and eventually forced to kill him.After she is discharged from the hospital, he "orders" her to take some time off and get counseling before coming back to work.

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He once tells Stella he wouldn't do this job without her.

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