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Updating sky hd firmware

I also noted that if you are checking hockey scores and the game is currently on, you can seamlessly switch channels to it from the app side bar.

That's about it so far, I will update after I play with it some more.

With this system being IPTV, only the current channel can be rewound, and only as long as you are watching it. I noticed that when I changed to a show that was already 1/2 over, it popped up a notification asking if I wanted to watch it from the beginning.

Change channels and then back, and you can no longer rewind. I said "yes", and was seamlessly switched to the show on VOD, where it started from the beginning.

I haven't found a way to hide the channels I don't get yet, so that I don't love.

You can get around that by adding only the channels you get to Favourites, then having the guide only display Favourites, however. I did have connection issues about 20% of the time, but hopefully that will fix itself.

If the show is not available anywhere else, you can't restart however. Being IPTV, it starts streaming the show when you switch channels.

He mentioned that it has been a headache doing Bluesky installs if you have a Cisco, but as long as the back end person doing the activation knows what you have BEFOREHAND, it should be painless.

If not, they should swap you to a Hitron without issue.

There is about a ~1 second delay while it buffers, but it's short and doesn't bother me.

Apps: There are a few built in apps that allow you to check traffic, sports, stocks, and weather seamlessly while watching TV (you can bring up a side bar with sports scores and stats, for example).

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