Updating ipod nano software erase music

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Updating ipod nano software erase music

However, beneath this i Pod_Control folder is a Music folder that contains all of the individual audio and video files that are stored on that particular i Pod.

The only information not stored here is photos, which we will discuss separately later in this article.

In this tutorial, we will begin with a background on how music is stored on the i Pod in the first place, and then look at the options available for copying music and other media files from the i Pod back to your computer, both on an individual basis and en masse for a complete disaster-recovery scenario.

It should be noted that the information in this article applies to all past and current models of i Pod, including the i Pod nano, i Pod mini, the i Pod shuffle, and now even the i Pod touch and i Phone.

It is this database that is used both by i Tunes and the i Pod interface itself to index and catalog the content that is stored on the i Pod.

For the most part, this database information is gleaned from the internal header tags within the media files themselves, in much the same way that i Tunes indexes and catalogs your media library.

Unfortunately, with the exception of tracks purchased from the i Tunes Store, which we’ll discuss further later in this article, i Tunes provides no method for transferring your music and other media content from your i Pod back to your computer.

It has therefore fallen to third-party developers to pick up where i Tunes left off in this regard, and there are today a number of very robust and full-featured utilities that will do everything from basic copying of media content back to your hard drive all the way through to rebuilding your entire i Tunes library using the information on your i Pod, complete with playlists, ratings, and play count information.

In fact, the only time the file name is ever used by i Tunes is if the tags themselves are not present (or if the file format does not support tags, such as with WAV files).Unlike many other portable media players, the i Pod stores its content using a database methodology.i Tunes copies the content itself to a hidden directory structure on the i Pod and then updates a database stored on the i Pod.Under the Hood—How Content is stored on the i Pod Before we get into the details of how to copy media content from the i Pod back to your computer, it’s important to begin with a discussion of how that content is actually stored on the i Pod.An understanding of how the i Pod stores its content will make it more clear as to what the various recovery or copying options actually do, and help decide on what the best option is for a particular situation.

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