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Updating eggdrop user address

There are also five user-defined levels ('1'..'5') which are used by Tcl scripts. Events of type 'k', 'j', and 'p' are logged to whatever channel they happened on.Most other events are currently logged to every channel.We prepared copies that should work with Eggdrop1.8 here but there's no guarantee they work. This is an exhaustive list of all the Tcl commands added by eggdrop.An alternative would be to set the environment variabel EGG_LANG to that value. Log files Eggdrop is capable of logging various stuff, from channel chatter to commands people use on the bot or file transfers. Afterwards they'll be renamed to "(logfilename).yesterday". After 48 hours they'll get overwritten by the logfile of the next day.maximum size of your logfiles, set this to 0 to disable.All logfiles will get suffix ".[day, 2 digits][month, 3 letters][year, 4 digits]" Note that your quota might get full by this, so check your logfiles often and download them. You can specify in this setting, when eggdrop should switch the logfiles and started fresh. You should read doc/BOTNET before modifying these settings. Valid modes are 'all', 'bots' and 'users'.

NOTICE: This list is accurate for the v1.6 series of eggdrop!The timezone string specifies the name of the timezone and must be three or more alphabetic characters. Central European Time(UTC 1) could be "CET" offset specifies the time value to be added to the local time to get Coordinated Universal Time (UTC aka GMT).The offset is positive if the local timezone is west of the Prime Meridian and negative if it is east. if the timezone is UTC 1 the offset is -1 If you want to have your eggdrop messages displayed in another language change the below command to match your preferences./path/to/eggdrop This setting defines the timezone is your bot in.It's used for internal routines as well as for logfile timestamping or scripting purposes.

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Scripts which were written for earlier versions will probably not work without modification.