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Updating a clob field

The processor also implements the current working drafts of the XSLT and XPath 2.0 standards. By default, BI Publisher is compatible with XSLT 1.0.

If you want to use XSLT and XPath 2.0 features in the template, then you must disable XSLT 1.0 compatibility.

This clause applies to segment-level and group-level compression policies.

You must specify a compression type that is higher than the current compression type.

This chapter presents a sample template layout with its input XML file to illustrate how to make the proper associations to add the markup tags to the template.

To enable a unique or primary key constraint, you must have the privileges necessary to create an index on the table.

XSLT compatibility is set as a Build Option in the Template Builder for Word.

See Section 5.9.1, "Setting UI Options." When you design the template layout, you must understand how to associate the XML input file to the layout.

This type of policy instructs the database to compress the table and its dependent objects, such as indexes and Secure Files LOBs, when the condition specified in the to create a row-level compression policy.

This clause ensures that any bitmap indexes subsequently created on the table will be as compressed as possible.

to instruct Oracle Database to calculate the largest number of records in any block in the table and to limit future inserts so that no block can contain more than that number of records.

This configuration is performed at the template level.

The template-level setting overrides the server setting.

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If you are using Microsoft Word to create RTF templates, then see Chapter 5, "Creating RTF Templates Using the Template Builder for Word" before reading this chapter.