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This is a dynamic list and will be constantly updated with more and more information.Last updated on: 2nd May 2016 Sapthasthana Temples of Shiva: There are seven Sapthasthana (Saptha meaning seven) temples for Shiva in Mylapore worshipped by the Saptha rishis – Adri, Brigu, Kutsa, Vashishta, Gautama, Kasyapa and Angirasa.Links: Location Sri Adhikesava Perumal temple This is one of the oldest temples of Mylapore.Thayar of this temple is considered highly powerful and vara prasathi.

There are shrines of main deity Lord Srinivasar, Alarmel mangai thayar, Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar, Sri Ramanujar, Sri Sudharsanar & Yoga Narasimhar and Sri Andal.Links: Location Weblink Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple at Luz corner This is another temple of Mylapore which attracts large no of devotees.Links: Location Peyazhwar Avatara Sthalam Peyazhwar is considered to have been appeared out of a well at Arundale road in Mylapore.More details on the Sapthasthana temples here Sri Madhava Perumal Temple It is located very near the Mundakkanni amman temple.The temple is amazingly clean, aesthetically painted, well lit and very well maintained.

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It is said that a British lost his vision after photographing the Firewalk festival and regained his vision only after worshipping this Goddess.

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