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Speed dating events in hagerstown md

Many stories of ghosts and ghostly activity include: a shadowy figure marching along the parapets, an evil spirit in the hallway leading to the bathrooms, floating or moving furniture, tour guides during the Ghost Tour being surrounded in unearthly light, and voices heard by employees after the Fort has been closed to visitors.The stories are well known by local residents and many people who worked at the Fort or visited it can attest to these occurrences.There have been reports of cars seen hanging off of the bridge and then suddenly vanishing.Also, reports of as an old black car that suddenly appears behind your car as you are driving, quickly pulls up close to you, as if it is going to ram you, and then suddenly disappears.

I went to Bates in the late 1960's and it was then Bates Middle School and it was not just blacks there.

It is unsure to who walks the halls of the tavern, which is currently a restaurant and bar.

But, there have been many many occurrences that seem to carry on in story.

Reports of lights being on inside with no power at all, also 5 years ago they tried to make it into a senior center but something scared them away after 2 months.

several reports of screams and cries being heard from the old bridge.

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It has been said that at night you can see a women walking up and down the halls of the middle school, a former principle.

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