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Puns, figurative speech, connotations and cultural references: they all create problems.

Countries with the opposite conventions include at least Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands, where nothing outside little children's and "family" films gets dubbed.Characters and made-up concepts may be translated under different names, or even kept in their original form by some and translated by others.The risk for this is especially high when translating from one's native language into a second language, which is why most professionals translate into their own language.A second set pictures is accompanied by a mobile phone, through which she is contacted by the photographer, Iguchi.He threatens to show the pictures to her husband unless she agrees to act out her private fantasies in a public location.

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Seemingly unaware of his wife's frustration-fuelled fantasies or her present predicament, Shigehiko has developed an OCD-like obsession with cleaning, but Iguchi also has plans for him.