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Songbird utilizes the cross-platform frameworks Mozilla XULRunner and GStreamer media framework. In 2012, an Android version and an i OS version were released.

The real fun begins when you start playing your files.Known community designed extensions are: Qloud Tagging & Search, e Music Integration, i Tunes Importer, Artist Tracker, Library File Organizer, Audioscrobbler Notifier, Wikipedia Artist Display, SHOUTcast Radio Directory, Un Plug, Adblock Plus, Taglib metadata handler, Chat Zilla, and Foxy Proxy.Skins are referred to as "feathers" in Songbird, and give users and artists the ability to change the look of Songbird via an extension which generates a default skin.After you install it and agree to a license, you will go through a short setup.You'll be able to configure a media library, where all your music will be kept and even let Songbird watch for changes, so that it automatically updates the library.

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