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If you don’t fancy paying up for software, take a look at our guide on the best free antivirus software.

Keeping your Mac free from online nasties doesn’t have to be tricky.

Updated: Multiple security researchers have claimed that there are more samples of Wanna Cry out there, with different 'kill-switch' domains and without any kill-switch function, continuing to infect unpatched computers worldwide (find more details below).

So far, over 237,000 computers across 99 countries around the world have been infected, and the infection is still rising even hours after the kill switch was triggered by the 22-years-old British security researcher behind the twitter handle 'Malware Tech.' Also Read — Google Researcher Finds Link Between Wanna Cry Attacks and North Korea.

Ultimately, the popularity of Windows makes it an obvious target for hackers.

As the battle against malware rages on, we continue to test the latest antivirus suites in our lab.

Best Buy antivirus software – stay secure online Despite a largely well-deserved reputation for being safer than Windows PCs, Apple Macs can still get viruses.

So, what’s the best way to keep your personal data secure if you’re a Mac user, and how can you tell if your Mac has been infected by a virus?Mc Affe’s report explains: ‘During the past three quarters, new mac OS malware has been boosted by a glut of adware’.Although not as harmful as regular malware, adware is still a pain.But, if you are thinking that activating the kill switch has completely stopped the infection, then you are mistaken.Since the kill-switch feature was in the SMB worm, not in the ransomware module itself., "Wanna Crypt ransomware was spread normally long before this and will be long after, what we stopped was the SMB worm variant," Malware Tech told The Hacker News.

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