Power bank 10400mah online dating

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Power bank 10400mah online dating

The fact that it has managed to squeeze so much power into such a compact 91x60x22mm design (725Wh/L) means this is the first 10,000m Ah power bank we've seen that we'd happily slip into a pocket rather than a bag.

No power bank makes a better compromise between portability and capacity.

We thought we were getting a 10,000m Ah power bank, yet this thing is closer in size to the 6,000m Ah Zendure A2 that previously topped our best power banks group test.

And, indeed, the specs mentioned something about 6250m Ah. Unlike many other power bank manufacturers we've encountered, Xiaomi is completely transparent with the fact that the entire 10,000m Ah capacity will not be available to power your phone or tablet.

If you want to buy original mi power bank, buy from mi online store ( recently Mi india started selling their product through Mi store website).

In terms of value, the Xiaomi power bank is unbeatable, and you'll pay twice the price for most 10,000m Ah power banks.

Xiaomi power banks are available to buy in the UK, for example through Amazon for £14.66, but Geekbuying offers a much cheaper deal at £11.56 with free shipping. (Other Xiaomi products aren't as easy to get hold of in the UK - see How to buy Xiaomi products in the UK.) Perfectly balancing portability with capacity, the Xiaomi power bank's feature list and specification is also much bigger than you'd expect.

With a 10W Micro-USB input, using a similarly specified mains adaptor you should be able to refill the Xiaomi in roughly 5.5 hours.

The USB output is also well specified, fast at 10.5W and offering automatic power adjustment to suit the attached device.

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The hardware inside has been optimised for increased efficiency and durability, which Xiaomi claims is up to 93 percent.

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