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Encouraged by data from the aforementioned comprehensive work, we visited all places for which there are available data on the existence of the Saint and also other places where, in view of information from local inhabitants and according to the data from other hagiographic literature and rich mediaeval frescoes, her illustration might be expected. Apollonia in churches of the Poreč and Pula dioceses in Istria.

Apart from a significant number of iconographic illustrations of St. Zagreb: Leksikografski zavod Miroslav Krlea; 1996.23. 1 - Department of Oral Surgery, School of Dental Medicine University of Zagreb, Croatia2 - Polyclinic for Dentistry Legović, Poreč, Croatia3 - Retired Professor of the School of Dental Medicine University of Zagreb, Croatia The aim of this article was to investigate where and how the iconographic illustrations of St.Apollonia appear in sacral buildings in 135 parishes and 9 deaneries of the Poreč and Pula dioceses in Istria.Agatha, protector of nursing mothers and mothers with no milk, St. Barbara, protector against fevers, sudden death and lightning, St. Catherine of Alexandria, protector against diseases of the mouth and tongue, accident and miscarriage, St.

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The author of the book is Ivan Milotić, a lawyer born in Pazin, employed in the Department of Roman Laws, Faculty of Law in Zagreb (12).

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