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Pothead online dating

Ross’ reasoning was that if he permed his hair, he’d save money in the long run because he’d no longer need to pay to have his hair trimmed once a week.Ross kept the ‘fro for the rest of his life, though grew to dislike it in his later years.

Viewers could then call in to vote on whose painting was the best on a given episode- master or apprentice- with the winner getting to destroy the other’s losing painting in ever more elaborate ways at the start of the next episode where fans would learn who won on the previous show. ;-)) In any event, after a few months of lessons, Ross was offered a job with the as a travelling tutor.

With that out of the way, lets talk about the little we do know definitively about Bob Ross’ life and how he became the cultural icon he is today.

Born in Daytona Florida in 1942, Ross was the child of a carpenter (Jack) and a waitress (Ollie) who separated, married other people, separated from those new partners and then got married to each other again all before their son had hit his teens.

In its first year of operation, the business lost ,000 (about ,000 today).

With money tight, Ross made the bizarre decision to have his hair permed, exchanging the military crew cut he’d sported for two decades for his now iconic afro.

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After leaving the Air Force, Ross returned to Florida in the early 1980s intent on seeking out Bill Alexander to learn the finer points of wet-on-wet painting.