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Poppy montgomery dating

Martin appears on the local radio station in an attempt to alert the village to a potential health scare, but his efforts misfire.

Cronk is hospitalised, only to find his "experience in the catering trade" is a little wayward.Fifteen-year-old Melanie Gibson (Stephanie Leonidas) has a crush on the doctor after he mends her dislocated shoulder.Martin is forced to confront his fear of blood, first when the town plays a prank on him involving ketchup as a fake injury, and then when Peter, a young lad of the town, suffers a ruptured spleen that needs an urgent operation.Although pleased to renew his acquaintance with his Auntie Joan with whom he spent holidays as a boy, he is less than enamoured of the other locals he encounters and the state of his predecessor's surgery.He also inadvertently uncovers an affair between a teenager and the wife of the Lieutenant Colonel, leading to threats of a divorce, a reconciliation and then a punch on his nose.

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Former teacher Roger Fenn is hoarse and has a lump on his neck, so Martin refers him to a specialist for a biopsy.

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