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Online dating search engine

Back in 2010, we shared with you 100 awesome search engines and research resources in our post: 100 Time-Saving Search Engines for Serious Scholars.

It’s been an incredible resource, but now, it’s time for an update.

The CTR tends to be higher on organic results and higher the further up the page you are, please note that we're talking about pg. Wordstream have produced a set of infographics based on averages across Ad Words metrics such as Average CTR, Cost-per-click (CPC), average conversion rate (CVR) and cost per action (CPA) across twenty industries.

It shows the dating world is head and shoulders above the rest (3.4%), with other high-fliers including Finance (2.65%), B2B (2.55%), Consumer Services (2.40%), and Technology (2.38%).

Breaking this down using the above Market Share chart and the data from Internet live stats, below you'll find the number of daily searches per Search Engine.

The graph below highlights the rate at which Mobile has surpassed Desktop search, specifically in this instance in the form of Local Search i.e. If you want to do a little further reading into this Natalie Nahai has does a really detailed analysis.

The ADI discovered that the Click Through Rate (CTR) on search have increased Yo Y, with the top 20% pulling away from other industries, except in the financial services where they are making ground on the industries above.

If you're in finance, it's time to get on board with PPC, there appears to be a big push with paid ads.

Paid search equates for just over 5% of all traffic, with organic hovering around the 95% mark.

The number of people using internet search engines is increasing year on year and is almost unfathomable. Which in "word-terms" equates to six billion, five hundred eighty-six million, thirteen thousand, five hundred and seventy-four.

To put it into perspective there are on average around 500million tweets per day, so 500million X 13.

It's interesting to note that Google's large market share is still on the increase.

Last year we saw a 67% market share for Google, so Google has taken another 10% of the market from its rivals in just the past 12 months.

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The chart below breaks down the percentage of searches carried out on a mobile device across different industries.