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Here are some studies that have identified age as an independent variable (see e.g. Manipulations in private life probably have their biological (genetic) cause and this paper will not address them.

All this leads to the evolution of the efficiency of the motivation factors, which is conditioned by the age. As scientific curiosity, only animals with high intellectual abilities are capable of manipulation, therefore Smarter you are, easier you will cheat/manipulate someone.

The structure of respondents by age, experience, and education is in Table 1. Identification of respondents (N = 2,626) in Slovak Republic (own study) Attribute Education Age in years Length of experience in years Secondary vocational Secondary general Higher education Ph D. Teorie Heraklita skłaniały do udoskonalania życia oraz sprawiania aby stało się ono przyjemniejsze, Demokryt uważał zadowolenie jako najwyższe dobro a rozum miał być środkiem do pozyskania szczęścia. There is also, an old manipulative technique Divide and conquer.

Irena BAKANAUSKIENĖ Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania Prof. Of all respondents, there were 559 (21.29%) managers (285 male and 274 female) with a mean age of years, and 2,067 (78.71%) ordinary employees (799 male and 1,268 female) with a mean age of years. Classification JEL: I3 Welfare, Well-Being, and Poverty; I11 Analysis of Health Care Markets. Wprowadzenie Historia zainteresowań nad zagadnieniem jakości życia sięga już starożytności. Indoctrination in a way that what is legal is moral/honest can be achieved by state and legal system indoctrination (socialization). This indoctrination can be achieved through public school system by explaining how legal and moral it is to do your best for the company, a better society, better people, state and human welfare.

Table 2 shows the survey question concerning the effectiveness of motivational tools that are applied to the respondents by their superiors. Platon zdefiniował pojęcie jakości uznając ją za pewien stopień doskonałości (Wójcik, Kurjanowicz & Bidacha, 2007, s ). There is a typical resistance of dependent people e.g.

Total % Total % Total % Total % Beside some personal information about age, sex, highest educational level, the length of practice etc., the respondents answered also the following question about the single motivation factors. Natomiast Sokrates szczęście upatrywał w cnocie, która w jego rozumowaniu oznaczała tężyznę, sprawność oraz wiedzę. Kompetencje menadżera jako determinanta rozwoju organizacji. To be specific, it turns employees against each other.

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