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From July of 1969 until September of 1992 the date code system included a letter of the alphabet in the serial number.Here are the letters with their corresponding years.From July 1969 to December 1983, the letter denoting the year was put after the serial number.

The Anniversary Series Limited Edition amplifier is such a fine piece of engineering and technology, that it will achieve this status instantly.The same features as the JTM45 but with the addition of tremolo. The 'stack' was born from Pete Townshend's original request for an 8x12 cabinet.Late 1965 saw the change to green fret cloth.1966 - The JTM45 changed to JTM50 on panels: Block logos now changed to white script with gold coloured plating: Valves changed to EL34's and Gz34 rectifier phased out: Transformer uprated.In 30 years of manufacturing we have made a vast number of different models using many materials and techniques.Documentation from those early years is virtually non-existent.

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The first 200 Watt Majors appeared, with just treble, bass and volume controls, “active” tone circuitry and KT 88 valves.

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