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Mars venus dating advice

He didn't understand that sometimes women just want to talk about a problem, and not solve it right away.

When a man tries to solve problems and he doesn't succeed, after a while he just gives up listening to his wife when she talks about problems.

A man's job was to go out and fight battles for his family; he would sacrifice his life for them, and they needed and appreciated that.

Today, the thinking is: "Why should I have an affair?

It's a whole new thing to expect passion with the person you're living with, having children with, that you love. We need new skills -- skills we certainly didn't learn from our parents.

Some people watch movies and see married couples who are apparently happily in love, and then they look at their own marriages and say "hey, this isn't happening here." What the movies depict isn't entirely unrealistic; it is possible, but nobody's shown us how to get there. Today, we see it as more of a feeling in the heart: a passion, a desire, a longing to spend time with the other person. Preserving the magical feeling that many couples experience when they first fall in love takes new skills and education.

Some people move from one relationship to another, blaming their ex for all of the difficulties, and not taking responsibility for how they contributed to the problems in their marriage.

There may be something you do that brings out the worst in the opposite sex.

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If I'm not going to have passion with my spouse, I'm just going to leave him or her." We want greater intimacy and honesty in our marriages; we don't want to fool around to have passion.