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Lonely wife chat rooms

(It may get just a little wild but relax, it's all love) Jennifer, Marni, and Becky are some of the regular ladies here in the truckers wives chat room and they will make you feel at home.

I have been reading and so many people are posting how they can't handle it as a truckers wife, so I thought I would share my story and ways of coping … He and his Mom made the decision as if they are the married couple New to being a trucker's wife and in need of advice Hello my husband has just become a truck driver and is gone. Relationship Struggles with OTR husband My fiancé has been a otr driver for almost a year and we recently just had a baby girl but I feel like our relationship has been struggling for quite sometime! Should I be jealous of my trucker Boyfriend of 7mths talking for hours w/his "old lady" friend? Engaged to a trucker, can I get tips to help me I am newly engaged to a trucker and I love him with all my heart, it took him 3 years to get me. New to this and wondering if anybody else worries when they don't hear anything from their otr spouse Me and my fiance have been together over 2 years. Literally we both get beyond sick when we are apart. bf of 2 years is thinking about taking up driving again My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years now. i am discussing going over the road with my fiancée... I am discussing driving for a living with my fiancee and I m trying to explain to her its not the end of the world .... Miserable new truckers wife during Otr driver training I am so lonely and miserable how can we make this? Worried husband will loose his shot at con way truckload if he … One of our moderators here had a great idea, ran it by SG, who loved it and asked if we would share it. Hi, I'm new here and feeling like I don't really belong anywhere. My last move was 7 years ago to my husbands hometown and I still haven’t made any real friends.this is completely up to you if you want to answer. I like being alone but at the same time, I am really lonely sometimes. I am an outgoing introvert, I can talk to people and be likeable but I d... I’m actually doing well and I’m not so hard on myself anymore, but the stress still gets to me sometimes.When he comes home on weekends he spends a lot of time by himself I've been with my boyfriend a year and a half. I've been dating my trucker boyfriend for about 7 months now. When we met he had a 3 night 12hr shift one week and 4 night 12hr shifts the next. How do you get yourself to relax knowing your husband is driving in god aweful weather/road conditions?Hi ladies, my husband is fairly new to the industry and I am just starting to experience the joys of him driving through snow storms, snow squalls, white …

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He is 53, I am 52 and we have been married for 33 yrs. Not rated yet I have been with my husband for over 10 years.

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