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Then they do the awkward hug of people who still love each other, but are afraid to hold on too tight, lest they find they can never let go.

Sam finds Rachel practicing piano, and gives her a surprisingly excellent impression of John Mayer.

(Walter is played by Harry Hamlin, who many know from .

Back in 1982, playing a gay role could have ruined his career, and the actor took a huge risk.

Not even Becky dancing in a lobster suit can bring this part any joy. So, what did you think of “The Hurt Locker, Part One”?

Are you praying to Saint Patti of Lu Pone that part two is considerably better?

I tried to answer the most pressing questions fans of the show wanted answered. And, if you use my spoilers I would like a credit as AND a link bank. Everything I described above happened at Scandals (including the flashback), rather than at the Lima Bean. After Kurt Blaine and Karofsky reveal they are a couple and describe how they met, Kurt heads off to the men’s room where he breaks down in tears.

However, things got out of hand and the more I wrote the less I liked the idea of Kurt getting back together with Blaine..because of my love for one Sebastian Smythe, he was already in the story, and it just worked.Sue finds Sam to hypnotize him again, and this time, she sets him out to not only mess with Rachel, but Will as well.That includes riffling through his mail, claiming that Rachel sent him to sabotage Will.Based off of the spoilers for Season 6 surrounding Kurt/Blaine and the return of David Karofsky... I am primarily a Klaine shipper and I write Klaine primarily as well.Kurt tries to figure out what he wants after he finds out that Blaine has moved on after their break up, and through some flashbacks and some time spent with new friends Kurt begins to figure out what he should do. However, as many of you who have heard about the spoilers for this couple for season 6 of glee know things are not looking great for the boys.

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Also, according to the OP, the scene takes place near the end of the episode. In the flashback, it’s country bear night at Scandals. ETA: Also, according to the call sheet, Rachel seeks counsel from Mr. This is where the group sing “Dance the Night Away.” – Source. I’m happy Max Adler is returning to play the role, but pairing him up with Blaine is just a cheap way to cause controversy and create drama.