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According to an admittedly questionable Hollywood Life source, Rihanna thinks of Lopez as a “mentor,” and is freaked out by her ex’s decision to date one of their friends. Lo are actually together, they made a conscious decision to publish those pictures and seriously piss Rihanna off.

Adding insult to insult, there’s also the matter of Drake and Diddy’s well-aged beef.

At 47 years to Drake’s 30—not to mention with a career and kids of her own—J.

Lo is exactly the kind of empowered, independent woman Drake would be honored to follow around all day.

Sean “Diddy” Combs, who famously dated Lopez way back in the day, has also gotten physical with Drizzy. According to one fellow partier, “Drake definitely got the shit kicked out of him.” While Diddy has since denied the assault, he did admit to some sort of an incident, stemming over a musical dispute.

In 2014, Diddy reportedly punched Drake after a night out partying at Miami’s Art Basel. Combs insists that “0 to 100,” a Drake hit, “Was initially a record that was my record, and then somehow that became..a misunderstanding, because we were working with the same producers.” In other words, while Combs is clearly trying to put a polite spin on the situation, at some point he accused Drake of stealing his song.

That’s not to mention the time he offered to buy Nicki Minaj everything in a 7-11, or the countless performers he’s let grind up on him for the sake of their careers. It has to do, as everything in this world does, with petty drama. Lo and Drake came out, so to speak, via a Wednesday morning picture of them cuddling on a couch—because nothing says “real relationship” like a synchronized Instagram drop.

Like a particularly buff personal assistant, the rapper has proven to be as attentive as he is totally malleable—the perfect beta male accessory for any alpha female.When Drake was dating Serena Williams, he became an international presence on the sidelines, cheering on his boo on a consistent basis.He indulged in the preppiest of styles, as if love could protect him against the inevitable “Drake with a sweater around his shoulders” memes.He doesn’t just keep receipts—he alphabetizes and color codes them.On the other hand, the notion that his pettiness is, at least in part, fueling this new relationship is super depressing.

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It all started when Drizzy and Jenny posed for a selfie together backstage at J. Then Drake returned to the singer’s Vegas residency to catch an encore performance.