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Hiddem sex cameras

He took it down and realized that the hole was actually a camera and immediately called police.

Our team has reached out to local law enforcement to aid them with their investigation of this egregious offense and we hope justice is served.But Starnes shared a photo he took off the device that shows him and his wife staring up at the camera.“My wife and I are distressed by this situation,” Starnes told ABC Action News.“I hope more victims will come forward.” Airbnb, in a statement to ABC, said that they were “outraged” by the reports of a hidden camera.“...“They’re also Wi-Fi capable, so they’d beam a signal. Natt was arrested and charged with one count of video voyeurism. Airbnb put out a statement saying they are outraged, and they have permanently banned Natt from their community.Starnes said Airbnb needs to do more to keep this type of thing from happening.

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“Background checks don’t always identify a person’s past crimes or other red flags,” expands the FAQ section.

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