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Customers are complaining on Reddit that a phone app compatible with sex toys is recording their intense sessions and saving them in a folder.

A Reddit user claimed that Lovense Remote recorded a six-minutes audio file on the app's local folder.

Lovense responded to the social media site complaints on Friday, acknowledging a 'minor bug' and said the audio files were not sent to their servers.'We do not store any audio files our servers, said a company representative in an emailed statement to The Verge.'For sound feature to work, we have to create a local cache file.' This file is supposed to be deleted at the end of each session but because of a bug in the last version of our Android app, the file wasn't deleted successfully.

The Hush - a butt plug made by the company - was found to be hackable, earlier this year.

The butt plug had issues with its Bluetooth, unlike the ability to record.

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The representative said that the bug has been fixed and the cache file will eventually be deleted.