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Free online mmorpg sex game

Our mission is to show you what sex games are out there and what you’re going to get.Authentic impressions for sex game lovers, by sex game lovers!The bug was that when walking through such locations the structure of the map was spoiled.In this client the bug was fixed, but if there are still any “spoiled” locations, you will have to visit them yourself, or delete the files with “.map2” extension in the client folder (however, if you do that all tags on the map will disappear) v - Added Tournament server selection; - Added a few New Year themed smilies; - Small bugfixes.v. - Skin support is back; - Fixed an issue with world map caching (delete the en_file if the problem persists - it will be re-created automatically); - Fixed an issue with incorrect total filter limit; - Fixed tooltips for presents; - Added a single message smilies limit; - Fixed an issue with 'Create Alliance' button; - Changed the font size in chat area; - Fixed a few issues with hotkeys setup; v. - Fixed an issue with user list sort criteria in the big chat window; - Fixed an issue in Spell window; - Corrected transliteration supprot; - Changed the full filter behavior: you will now need to impose a limit on incoming chat messages you want to have processed in a 2-second time frame, all the other messages will be logged but not processed/displayed.v. - New scheme of files, images and map caching.

v - Fixed some issues with inactive mode; - Fixed issues with tooltips of essences; - Fixed Home macro error which occured after attempting to reconnect; - Revamped the procedures that handle item display in shops and private shops; - Added ability to set up things the private shop will buy from players; - Added a filter for completed quests; - Double-clicking the vendor NPC will open up the respective location window (as if you pressed Enter); - A myriad of bug fixes.

If there is unlimited amount of items, “ ” will be shown; - New hotkeys for inventory, shops, inn, bar, trade, laboratory: SHIFT - one item, CTRL - a window where you can specify the number of items.

Complex two-button combinations do not exist anymore; - New smileys were added; - When trading, for better usability, platinum is shown in different color and symbol; - Added new type of item – chest; Release notes for This client brings new design to inn, bar, shops, and laboratory windows. On the left is the building shelf; on the right is your bag.

v - Fixed a memory leak in recruit section of Clan window.

v - Support for new Crucible Furnace; - Added extended information about gold and experience required for levels to the Guilds window; - Fixed the Tranquilizer icon in the brief player list; - Fixed the amounts of gold and experience required for levels; - Added a "destination reached" tray message for automatic navigation.

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