Free hardcore chat bot

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Free hardcore chat bot

Now, just head to Google Drive to view your saved page (look in the Recent section if you’re not sure which Drive directory you saved the file to), or tap Downloads in the app drawer to find the file in your handset’s local storage.

-Performanță îmbunătățită reduce semnificativ crash-urile -Atack Speed imbunatatit.- Bugurile legate de salvarea lis Finally, after long and much work we managed to fix M2BOB on Windows XP and it works now 100% perfect.Therefore, M2BOB works now perfect on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Have fun download at m2Changelog: - Fixxed Windows XP Hack Shield Error Crashes/Kicks - Fixxed Windows XP import settings - Fixxed Windows XP File copying bug Changelog: - Updatet bot for metin2 version 13.2 - Fixxed abnormal program termination - Fixxed Access violation(Zugriffserror) - When shopping the payer stands now not inside the NPC - Translate bugs fixxed - Tray Icon behaviour fixxed - Tool Tips added for minimizing - Bug with old man fixxed - Exp Donate will not detect if the player is in a guild - Wallhack disabled-mode fixxed - Players can now be added to the whiteliste with double-click - Optimized many things that are not visible, but will affect the overall performance - Updatet Bot to latest Clientversion 13.3.9 - Fixxed Shopbot (works now on all Metin2 Versions) - Added "Show" button on the General tab that shows the current Metin2 window - Fixxed Pickup saving bugs - Added new patcher for automatic updating of M2Bob in the future (no downloading or re-configuring required at any time) - Added easter-metin detection and easter-metin levels in M2Bob - Added Chat messages when you recieve a PM or when the bot sends a PM - Fixed many minor things/bugs - Small GUI changes This update has some major and interesting changes - Implented a global Selling-Blacklist (activateable via the Shoptab) - Added a new, better viewable icon, if a GM comes near - Function "Sort inventory automatically" works now 100% - Implented multi-instance support of M2BOB.You can now start M2BOB multiple times if every M2BOB instance has its own M2BOB-Account and its own directory - Compressed the Maps, so the size of M2BOB is much smaller - Fixed a bug in the Auto Attack - Various GUI fixes - new GM Name detection Have fun with the new update Download: - Added Location-Lists with saving and loading - Added Debug information, this information helps us to fix errors and crashes - Fixxed non working shop-blacklist - Fixxed multiple-instance Launcher bug - Big performance improvments in the Farmbot - Various client fixxed - Fixxed Shopbot-opening bug - Fixxed bug for continuing leveling after crash - Fixxed but to restart in town - Fixxed bug at Farmbot(counting Metins) - Added function "Get skills automatically with level 5" - Fixed access violation(Zugriffsverletzung) when getting a kick, in some cases this could occur an error - Fixed translation bugs - GUI improvments - Small Design improvments - Big performance updates when using Walk On Click - Improved overall M2Bob experience due to a redesigned homepage - Security Password forgot(Need Mail) - Security new computer (Need Mail) - Added "Emergency-Button", which disabled all Bot-Features, so you can level manually(useful if a GM is near) - Added Hotkeys for CH-Change (Numpad 1 - 6) - Added Chat output on all Hotkeys - 5 Days - BACK for our trouble!!!

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Download: Via the M2Bob Autopatcher or the website m2(website needs a bugfixupdate so you have to wait a bit) - Fixed bug on farmbot (access violation) - Fixed bug on farmbot (character doing nothing) - Improved farmbot performance - Added new Fishbot security feature (Fish bad every x time) - Fixed Fishbot shopping bug - Fixed shop-creator bug after kick / death - Improved performance of the navigation map (especially when using the farmbot) - Added new status messages in the Metin2 chat - Fixed PM-Detector char bug - Added better Chatbot-function in the Levelbot / Farmbot / Shopbot - Added new intelligent Server-choosing system - Improved Loginform - M2Bob will now automatically setup itself when starting it the first time - Added interactive drawing of the rangecircle when changing therbotting range - Added Thread-Restarting function (if the character does nothing, the bot will automatically detect this) - Fixed bug on farmbot (character doing nothing) - Many behing-the-scenes changes that are not visible to the user, but will affect the overall M2Bob performance - M2Bob Başlamama Hatası Çözüldü.

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