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In AIR, you can compress data in a Byte Array instance using the DEFLATE algorithm by calling the Byte Array instance's import flash.utils. Compression Algorithm; var data To Compress: Byte Array = new Byte Array(); // ...

add data to the Byte Array using write Bytes() or other methods ...

Unlike previous instances of CRIME, which can be successfully defended against by turning off TLS compression or SPDY header compression, BREACH exploits HTTP compression which cannot realistically be turned off, as virtually all web servers rely upon it to improve data transmission speeds for users.

This is what PHP functions return:gzencode() == gzipgzcompress() == zlib (aka.

Compression using Content-Encoding is more widely supported than Transfer-Encoding, and some browsers do not advertise support for Transfer-Encoding compression to avoid triggering bugs in servers.

The web server is by no means obligated to use any compression method – this depends on the internal settings of the web server and also may depend on the internal architecture of the website in question.However, if you are passing data compressed with these functions to a different machine you should use gzcompress. The RFC7230, Sec 4.2.2 (https://org/html/rfc7230#section-4.2.2) says:«The "deflate" coding is a "zlib" data format [RFC1950] containing a "deflate" compressed data stream [RFC1951] that uses a combination of the Lempel-Ziv (LZ77) compression algorithm and Huffman coding.»and, also:«Note: Some non-conformant implementations send the "deflate" compressed data without the zlib wrapper.»Since this function implements the RFC1951, the compliant encoding of a $payload should be:gzcompress(gzdeflate($payload)); gzcompress() is the same like gzdefflate(), it produces identical data and its speed is the same as well.The only difference is that gzcompress produces 6 bytes bigger result (2 extra bytes at the beginning and 4 extra bytes at the end).General experience of building applications with Flex Builder is suggested.For more details on getting started with this Quick Start, refer to Building the Quick Start sample applications with Flex.

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