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She simply will not be willing to be alone with you. Women actually love it when a calm, casual guy starts a respectful conversation with them. As we’ve just noted above, lots of guys LEAVE after getting her number.By the way, you are NOT a threatening, creepy weirdo simply because you are a man, so STOP worrying about that too. But the reality is that they’re only setting themselves up for failure.” Basically, we’ve got to keep in mind that women REALLY DO want to meet guys, go on dates and be happy. So assuming you really have to get up early the next morning and it’s going to be a long day, tell her you’ll call her day after tomorrow. So shouldn’t Step One be to let her know when she might expect to be ready to answer the friggin’ phone?But all too often, we instead talk them out of going out with us before they’ve even had a chance to draw their own conclusions. After all, most guys get her number without giving her theirs (which does not have to be your style, by the way).The University of South Wales’s LLM course offers you a flexible approach to postgraduate study, where you can tailor your Master’s programme to suit your specific needs and career aspirations.You can explore a broad range of legal subjects, including commercial law, international trade law, competition law, employment law and intellectual property law.You’re simply a man who knows how to get what he wants and make things happen.

Someone’s got to break the stalemate, and you can LEAD by breaking it the way I just suggested…and come off as even more of a real man in the process.” sooner than later in our budding relationships with the hotties we’ve just met. And it’s easy to blame women for being so “flaky”, isn’t it? It might not be that women are all that “flaky” after all. Before you go accusing me of sniffing drain pipes again, I invite you to consider the following suggested sequence of events as a proposed new strategy for increasing “take rate” on first meetings. By doing this, he is able to form his next move with a greater eventual goal in sight…perhaps even without his opponent realizing the depth of his strategy until it’s too late.And when that happens, we don’t exactly look confident or masculine. After all, you can keep on doing what you’ve always done and keep on getting what you’ve always gotten…like every other Average Joe. Now it’s not like we’re trying to ensnare women into being checkmated here, of course, but you get the idea.But given a situation where it’s unreasonable to “make plans” on the spot and take her with you, what I’ve just shared is a WAY more solid plan than what most guys consciously bring to the table. Look alive out there, and give yourself a clear advantage.Be Good, Scot Mc Kay ==== Scot Mc Kay is one of the world’s premier dating coaches and founder of X & Y Communications.

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And if they are not friendly even in the face of you being perfectly reasonable and personable with them, then I’d say you’ve DODGED A BULLET.