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Dating the sargon legend

The first king on the list whose name is known from any other source is Etana, 13th king of the first Dynasty of Kish.

The archaeological transition from the Ubaid period to the Uruk period is marked by a gradual shift from painted pottery domestically produced on a slow wheel, to a great variety of unpainted pottery mass-produced by specialists on fast wheels.Classical Sumer ends with the Akkadian Empire in the 24th century.Following the Gutian period, there is a brief "Sumerian renaissance" in the 22nd century, cut short in ca.By the late fourth millennium , Sumer was divided into about a dozen independent city-states, whose limits were defined by canals and boundary stones.Each was centered on a temple dedicated to the particular patron god or goddess of the city and ruled over by a priest (ensi) or king (lugal), who was intimately tied to the city's religious rites.

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The ancient Sumerian king list recounts the early dynasties.