Dating pottery shards

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Dating pottery shards

Malaysia's Minister for Culture, Arts and Heritage; Datuk Seri Utama Dr.Rais Yatim was kind enough to write the Foreword praising present archaeological achievements and providing hopes for continued success."The maritime archaeology of Sten Sjostrand has led to major advances in the study of Asian trade and trade ceramics in Southeast Asia.After finding, excavating or investigating seven ancient shipwrecks, the company assisted the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur to establish an exhibition showcasing artefacts from the shipwrecks.This exhibition is commemorated in a special exhibition catalogue. Brown and another article by Sten Sjostrand This book is written by the company’s principal researcher; Sten Sjostrand.Most important, the numbers of each type of artifact are stated or at least estimated.With numbers, many welcome analyses become possible.The solid archaeological context for the ceramics adds significant new data to studies of 17th century ceramics that now requires previous studies be reviewed and refined.Besides 650 full color illustrations, there are drawings, maps and illustrations of the site, both ceramic and non-ceramic artefacts, and ship parts and fittings.

I will mail the report and photos of our excavations to you as soon as possible.

Oriental Art Magazine, summer issue 1997 containing two articles about the Xuande shipwreck and its controversial ceramic cargo. It provides the background for his discovery of ten historical shipwrecks and their excavation.

A lifetime’s experience with sailing and naval architecture allows Sjostrand to bring new understanding to ancient ship construction and allows him to set the ships and their ceramic cargoes in historical perspective.

After each concluded project and following conservation of recovered artifacts, we search for and pinpoint ruined kiln sites and compare its wasters with the recovered ceramics until we are satisfied we located the place in which the shipwreck pottery was made centuries earlier.

Our arrangement with the Malaysian authorities is such that we finance all operations and train young Malaysian nationals (on our initiative) in maritime archaeology and related research.

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After giving all unique and single artifacts and thirty percent of all recovered items to the National Museum (and assisting with exhibitions of artifacts from each project) we are allowed to sell our portion of the recovery to finance future projects.

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