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Cam also likes the herbs you forage off of the mountain areas with the exception of Chamomile.

At his shop, Cam sells flower seeds you can grow on your farm, full-grown flowers, and arrangement services.Sometimes you may find board requests that want you to fetch certain types of flower bouquets.Once per week on Saturday or Sunday, talk to Cam between 10am and 12pm to learn about flowers.Time: Friday, am to pm Weather: Sunny or Snowy Date Location: The Flowerbed Friendship: Cam at a Green Flower or higher, Rutger at 1 Flower (5000 FP) or higher Cam tells you that lately that he hasn't been doing very well at his shop.He believes the reason is because he isn't very good with serving customers. At the shop, you ring a bell to entice customers but no one seems to be coming.

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His friendship needs to be at 35,000 (technically 4 and a half flowers) before he'll give you a flower horoscope.

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