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Their World Cup is on Brazil's streets, not in its multi-million dollar state-of-the art stadiums.Largely young, black and brown protestors, hailing from indigent or working class backgrounds, began to organise protests last year.Through football and its stars, the state has crafted a global image of Brazil that - until recently - has distracted from the range of racial, economic, political and intersectional ills plaguing the South American giant.While playing abroad, the Brazilian football team embodied the stereotypical trilogy that has come to define the nation for the rest of the world: samba, soccer and sex.

Since donning the iconic, canary yellow and blue kit for the first time, Neymar has sidestepped defenders as if dancing the samba, and raced up and down the pitch with the cavalier and carnival spirit definitive of Brazilian football.

Romario, a congressman from Rio de Janeiro, listed a range of public programmes in need of a fraction of the cost of those vital resources.

A Brazilian Horatio Alger who pulled himself from poverty by his soccer cleats, Romario embodies the struggles of the young protestors in a way Neymar does not.

From the vantage point of these communities, the nexus is clear - a fraction of the billions spent on World Cup stadiums, lodging for tourists, and cosmetic projects could have cured a number of ills plaguing the people.

Put simply, these preparations reveal that this is a World Cup intended for the country's elite and affluent tourists to enjoy, at the expense of Brazil's rising indigent and working class segments.

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