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Consolidating excel worksheets into one

Customize messages with your own information and style, and add information to messages that integrate them automatically with other outlook elements.Easily stay in control of detailed information regarding an individual or organization.Learn how to arrange text on a page to increase clarity and visual interest using formatting features, then preview and print your document.Learn your way around the word window, the basics of creating and saving word files, the various ways in which to display a file in order to see just the elements you need in a given moment, and the basics of entering text.Begin developing your project plan by setting your calendar and by choosing start and finish dates.Next, enter the specific tasks that lead to completion.A presentation is simply a collection of slides to be displayed in a specified order.Begin by developing your individual slides and choosing on-slide animations. Gather input from others for additional input, choosing with a few clicks which editions to incorporate.

Use subtotals to stay apprised of activity in smaller groups of numbers.Charts allow you to present numeric information in an attractive, easily edited, and highly customizable graphical form.Choose one of Excel's many built-in styles to present your information for maximum impact, and display the impact of trends or forecasts according to data you choose.Enhance the appeal and impact of your worksheet by including visual objects that supplement your data, then format and arrange them for maximum effect.Use a wide variety of formatting options to enhance the appearance of your text, including color, font, size, and even animation!

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Use a variety of methods to collect, calculate, and present information from many sheets simultaneously in the format you choose.