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Patients with primary ovarian insufficiency can maintain unpredictable ovarian function and should not be presumed infertile.

Patients with Turner syndrome (or variant) should be treated by a physician familiar with the appropriate screening and treatment measures.

She asks if there have been any changes to her memories in the last week.

They went to see the doctor who diagnosed her with Alzheimer's, because she wanted to apologize.

They can’t meet fellow patients in person because of certain bacteria they carry, which can lead to serious infection.

POTH, MD, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, Maryland Am Fam Physician.Meredith asks if there have been changes to her schedule.Teddy is happy to finally meet Ricky's girlfriend Julia.April finds Stark and tells him that Allison is in Derek's trial, meaning she has to come back to the hospital regularly.She tells him everything's clear, but there's clearly something wrong.

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Mark gets paged away, but he tells Callie not to let Lucy shove a giant needle into her belly before they have discussed it.

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