Campus sexpot tips for successful speed dating

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Interestingly, it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

We’ve seen all-girls dormitories as a plot device since the 1930s, and yet there have been three released in the last year alone.

In 1957, his boy-next-door good looks helped him score a few small parts in such films as The Monolith Monsters (with Grant Williams) and Man Afraid (with George Nader).

Although this movie version stripped the relationship down to be rather tame, a 1958 remake was a little more outwardly gay and inspired another film on this list, Piper Perabo and Jessica Pare shared a bed and a secret romance until some of their peers found out.

Watch this one if: you are looking for a true lesbian love story.

Amanda Bynes plays Viola Hastings, who wants to play soccer so bad, she dresses in drag to join the team at an all-male boarding school.

In 1965, with the release of My Blood Runs Cold (with Joey Heatherton and Nicholas Coster) came the end of Troy Donahue's contract with Warner Bros.

As with many other former contract players, good roles began drying up for him.

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When Tab Hunter grew discontented with his Warner Bros.

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