Cam to cam private sites

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Cam to cam private sites

In many ways, Geisha Monroe and Mandy Morbid are typical Twitch streamers -- they're gamers who share their play experiences with an online following.They cosplay, they collect game-related memorabilia, they tweet memes. But what does pay their bills makes them unusual among Twitch streamers: They're cam performers.Under the new system, viewers buy "Bits" from Twitch, then use them to "Cheer" a streamer.The cheered streamer gets $US0.01 per bit, which cost about $US0.013 to buy from the platform.Twitch's rollout of the affiliate system brings it in line with cam sites by acting as an intermediary, and reducing the potential for this kind of activity -- with the added bonus for Twitch of getting transaction fees that would otherwise go to Pay Pal.

In Monroe's estimation, most of her Twitch followers come from the audience she built while camming.

Monroe currently receives tips from her streaming outside of the bits system but says that she doesn't make much from it.

As a result she doesn't consider it work in the same way as camming, and treats it mostly as a leisure activity.

Twitch's predecessor,, didn't launch until 2007.

And since those early days, platforms have sprung up to streamline the setup, viewing and payment processes on camming sites, making things easier for both performers and audiences in exchange for a cut of all transactions.

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I spoke with them about how streaming and camming are similar, how they diverge, and what platforms like Twitch can learn from the history of cam sites.

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