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Without the complex, diverse environment that has been built up over the course of millions of years, however, it will have lost something crucial to any ecosystem: resilience.Australia’s cities are becoming increasingly middle-aged with older people moving out when they reach a certain age to live in retirement villages in the outer suburbs, and the young mostly unable to afford to move in.Finally, it’s worth remembering that this served just as a model of Antarctic waters.Species in other parts of the world may deal with global warming differently.Because it’s cold year-round, most of the species aren’t equipped to deal with rapid warming.Indeed, among the species that did respond well to rising temperatures, the growth was much faster than researchers anticipated based on previous models, signaling that our understanding of the cold oceans is still limited.I still have this flawed argument thrown at me when I write about climate issues.And I would not be surprised if that happens again with this post covering a major federal report about the Arctic released yesterday.

So, the Antarctic likely won’t become a barren wasteland because of climate change; there will still be plants and animals there.In addition, the warming they initiated also happened much faster than it would in the environment, which could potentially give organisms time to adapt.It was also run over only a short period of time — other effects may take years to set in.The 1-degree panels had become dominated by a single species of bryozoan, a kind of tiny, filter-feeding invertebrate, pushing out most other species.On the panels that served as controls, the ecosystem was much more balanced, mirroring the normal conditions in Antarctic waters.

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Those temperature changes mirror what is predicted to happen within 50 and 100 years, respectively, and the researchers checked back every month or so to see what was happening.

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