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Beth phoenix dating punk

Ever since NXT proved that talented, female in-ring performers deserved better than forgettable matches, WWE has been gradually trying to clean up their treatment of their women's division.

At , they had a triple threat match with Hardcore Holly rounding it out.WWE wrestler, known for being a three-time Women's Champion and a one-time WWE Divas Champion.She was the first female varsity wrestler at her high school in New York. She and WWE star Edge have two daughters named Lyric and Ruby.With her amateur wrestling skill and physical strength, she quickly developed in one of the best female wrestlers in business while working for a multitude of promotions such as Cleveland All Pro Wrestling, Apocalypse Wrestling Federation(women's champion), GLORY(first champion), Kiryoku Pro and Far North Wrestling(cruiser weight champion).It earned her a contract with Ohio Valley Wrestling, an invitation to SHIMMER and eventually the WWE Women's Championship three times and the Divas championship once.

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Like usual, That Other Wiki has a complete rundown on her career.

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