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Unity occasionally visited Chartwell, the Churchill estate, but not as often as her older siblings, Diana and Tom, who were the regular playmates of Winston's kids, Diana and Randolph Churchill--a fact which may or may not have something to do with what happened to Unity after 1939.

It is also suspected that you had Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and Martin Bormann on board and put them ashore on the southern part of our continent".

By all accounts, it was a pretty boisterous family, with the girls referring to their parents as "Muv and Farve" and shrieking in unison whenever they felt amused.

It was definitely a laugh a minute at Asthall Manor, Oxfordshire during the 1920s. Her grandmother, Lady Blanche Hozier, was the sister of Grandmother Redesdale.

When not in uniform, his clothes, said Randolph Churchill, "had all the unpretentious respectability of the German or Austrian middle class"--grey or dark blue suits, not very well cut, worn with soft-collared white shirts and, instead of an overcoat, a mackintosh."Oh, he's so sweet in his dear little old mackintosh," [Unity's sister] Diana would coo.

His most striking feature was his eyes, of a greyish blue so dark that contemporary observers often mistook them for brown, dull and opaque when in repose, piercing and vivid when he was speaking to a crowd or an individual.

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If you read this story in a "Harlequin Romance", you probably wouldn't believe it. It's just that whatever happened after 8 November 1939 is shrouded in mystery.

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