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2016 chatmate service in the philippines

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Cybersex is a potent example of how the marginalized learn to transform conditions of exclusion and illegality into creative, practical, and thus, productive strategies of survival.

Cybersex is not the solution to achieving a decent quality of life, but the existence, persistence, up to the embodiment of the workers of this phenomenon signifies that the State’s vision of ICT for development is not living up to its promise of socioeconomic upliftment; and through the institutionalized uses of technology, a culture of creative ICT use is constrained rather than promoted.

Within the purview of the ICT framework and the Cybercrime Law, cybersex serves as a threat to the state project of a “Philippine Information Society.” In this chapter, we re-examine the Philippine ICT framework and the Cybercrime Law and how these official discourses impinge on what may be considered as the underside of the Philippine Information Society.

In labelling cybersex as a crime, we, the authors, believe that the existing ICT framework and the Cybercrime Law address only the symptoms and not the causes of this phenomenon.

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Attempts to grapple with the role of technology in this so-called online version of prostitution have been undertaken through bills filed in the Philippine legislature. Aquino III administration enacted the omnibus Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, which casts cybersex as a cybercrime.